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About Antwan Towner 

There are many people in the world who have come a long way in the entertainment world. Magician Antwan Towner is originally from Portland Oregon, and has settled in Florida because of the vast opportunity for entertainers to thrive.

Antwan Towner has had the opportunity to perform in the most prestigious venues for some amazing clients including Disney, as well as dozens of other companies for their private events.

Magic has allowed Antwan Towner to travel and perform shows throughout Florida, New York, Alaska, Bahamas and many places in between. The shows are usually uniquely different and always adaptive to the surroundings.

Antwan grew up in tough conditions, moving and shuffled through foster homes more often than normal because of his mothers various addictions. At the age of 12 Antwan was moved in with his birth father and his new wife, where he had the opportunity to live in a stable environment for the first time. Although his stay was only 5 years at that home, the experience was mostly enlightening.

At 17 Antwan moved out without notice and started his journey into the world of magic and show business, taking side jobs at various malls in Oregon. He learned the art of selling and used his skill and ability to read people. This skill lead to further his career as a store clerk. From a magic shop to a jewelry store chain, Handling diamonds and other precious jewels and many precious metals, selling became fascinating and second nature.

After some years in sales, going into business for himself became the best option to retain independence and grow as an individual. Antwan Towner decided to move to Florida to continue his career as a full time magic performer and artist. With nothing in his pocket, he started out as an independent street performer on the streets of Ybor City, which compelled bar owners to invite him in to perform for their guests. At that time the people embraced his talent and created  many lasting relationships. Eventually, restaurant gigs started to flow, and from there birthday parties and corporate events sensationalized the idea of a live magician for their big events.

Catching wind of this young, African American magician with talent, Disney’s Boardwalk invited Antwan to perform on their prestigious platform, and he did so successfully for over 5 years.

After reaching a level of slowed growth, a plateau had been reached, and opportunities in New York where underway. Once again, with little notice, another scary plunge to grow had come about, and the magician took that leap.

Having many talents, Antwan Towner made his living in New York as a full time Photographer and Artist. Painting abstract artwork and doing art shows in New York was a lucky break, but not lucky enough.

Missing magic, all nights after work were spent traveling the streets of New York and performing for unsuspecting crowds. Footage of his mixed street performances of magic and mind reading can be found online.

Today, Antwan Towner lives in Florida and performs for many clients that he has built relationships with throughout the years, and travels world wide for events.

Encouraging others with his travel stories and life experiences, he finds relaxation in abstract expressionism painting, writing poetry and short stories, shooting photos and consulting.

“Everything you want is only one M.I.L.E. away. All you need is a little Motivation, Inspiration, Love and Encouragement, then all of your dreams can come true.”

-Antwan Towner

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