“Thought Seer” Antwan Towner is performing in Ohio next week! Come to the Ohio state fair to see the fun magic and mind reading shows! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJQYgHUs1ZA


About Antwan Towner: I made the decision many years ago to be independent and free to be me. To create the path that would serve my desires as an individual. No more square pegs and round holes for this guy. My decision to be fearless in my approach to life has allowed me to take part as either an artist, performer or consultant in the most prestigious venues around the world, for some of th best clients anyone could dream of working with. I love living my life because I’m doing what I was born to be: “an individual” I can write books about my past, but the only thing that is important is what I will do next, and I plan to amaze people through individuality. “Everything you want is only one M.I.L.E. away. Anyone can be anything they wish if they have a little Motivation, Inspiration, Love and Encouragement, with that, all dreams can come true.” -Antwan Towner Booking Information can be found at www.ThoughtSeer.com  Be sure to connect in Google+ https://plus.google.com/105646766241241770526/posts