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About Antwan Towner

Antwan Towner is a magician & entrepreneur in Tampa Florida.

When the fear mongering of the media surrounding covid destroyed his first business, the entrepreneur lost everything and decided to start again from nothing.


From this new starting point, babybrother clothing co. was born in order to stay motivated and creative.

As photos, video and other media were needed to promote the brand, it sparked a new business idea to help others promote their brands as well. This created 80 Media Group, a small ad agency that creates photo and video content as well as model photography for influencers.

As an avid motivational thinker and speaker, Antwan Towner aims to utilize these trying times and resulting devastation, as an opportunity to spring from the destruction into success in the coming years, based on undying relentlessness and unceasing resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Antwan Towner is available for events and speaking engagements.


“Wishing you peace and magic in your life!”

-Antwan Towner

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BOOKING OFFICE: 917-435-6870

PO BOX 75826

TAMPA, FL, 33675


"My presentations are exclusive to event planners that only want the best entertainment for their buck, and want a huge result from their investment, every single time, guaranteed.

Smiles, laughter and joy, that is what I provide."


-Antwan Towner

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