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The magicians handbook for booking big gigs! 


Over 20 years, Antwan Towner went from penniless, nearly homeless street performing, to performing on the largest stages, on the largest cruise ships and theme parks in the world!


Volume 1, is packed with practical knowledge for the magician that wants to book more big gigs. covering presentation, practice methods, grooming, set list, preparedness, contracts, insurance, taxes, angles of approaching business, promo, testimonials, outlets for outreach, real world magic, dealing with charities, dealing with lowballers, staying fresh, traveling, and product creation. 


This audiobook is designed for young magicians that want to get into the business of magic and professional magicians that want a mental refresh to stay sharp and book more big gigs.

Making Money In Magic Volume 1

$29.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
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