Being A Magician In Today's Market

April 22, 2016


I might come across a bit over the top, sales-y, or even arrogant to some people, but those are not my customers.


Today is a loud and noisy market, and the wheel that squeaks get's the grease.


The reality is, if you know my heart, or anyone's heart for that matter, then you start to understand what I truly have to offer, which is smiles, laughter and joy... even if it is brought about in the most unconventional way possible.


Being a magician in today's market is very similar to other markets that I understand, but the basics of any business is that you need to present a product or service at a fair price to enough people over a period of time that is going to produce results, and that is what I do.


The internet creates this massive opportunity to connect with more people than ever, however, it has also created more distractions than ever, and we must compete in a market that is simply full of distractions. Be the loudest wheel in your field if you want to be successful.


I have produced thousands of magic shows over 20 years in this field, and my process for guaranteeing my clients the best experience for their guests is so calculated that I have no problem competing in this field, however, I am unconventional in my content production because there are so many distractions out here today, and so much noise on the internet.


If you relate, let's communicate. Have a successful day!


-Antwan Towner


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