Orlando Convention Center Magician

April 28, 2016

So many businesses wish to have a great trade show at the Orlando Convention center, and it is important to understand what it takes to create that experience.


A lot goes into creating real magic on the trade show floor, part of that is planning, another is having a sharp team that know how to sell, another part is fixtures, display and print material. 


What most trade show event planners need to understand is that there is another crucial element that can make or break the event, having this will make it, not having it could break it.


I'm not talking about a barker, or a loud man or woman, or models, I am talking about an energetic, enthusiastic, master of persuasion.



Antwan Towner is the name, a master of persuasion on the trade show floor is my game.

As a magician, it doesn't take much to convince someone to stop and watch me, think about it, who loves a great magic trick? Everyone! 

Couple that with some light hearted clean comedy, a warm embrace and a smooth segue into your product or service, and a trustworthy introduction to your sales team, it's simply a home run, to say the least.


The idea of having a magician for trade shows might be new to some people, but I'm no stranger to the staff at the largest resort convention center's here in Orlando.


Take advantage of a really cool offer by contacting me, and I will be sure to get your crowds and increase your bottom line profits, guaranteed.


Booking is easy, and there's always a discount for my VIP members. 

Let's get you a happy crowd!






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