Becoming Magic

June 10, 2016

All people are wanting something in life, and my journey to becoming magic has been no different than anyone else path, really.

Often we have dreams or we set goals that seem to be unrealistic or unattainable, however, it is always important to know within your soul that your dream is possible.


For many years, certain people in my life wanted me to go work for someone else and make them money while I remain an employee of them and at affect to their decisions.

My ladder of success never leaned on that building.


It was possible to believe in myself, believe in my dream, and keep moving forward no matter what anyone else said or thought.


It is so important to remember that that which other people think is none of your business.


If we want to be successful, it is important to convince ourselves that our own thoughts are the most important thoughts that matter on this road to true success and to live a more magical life.


Whatever it is that you wish to do, have or become, just know that it is possible for you!

It might sound cliché, however, if it happened for me, then it most definitely can and will happen for you.


Start with your thoughts, find where you feel in spirit, and make a game plan for your life, and you will see your life become magical, not just for you, but for those around you.


Wishing you well, wishing you peace on your journey.



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