Looking for the best Orlando magicians?

Party planners often have so many different things to think about when planning an awesome event, however, when it comes to searching for the best Orlando magicians, getting entertainment is simply one of those things that passes right through their heads.

It can be stressful to play guessing games based on what appears to be available in the entertainment field, however, I invite you to consider one important thing when looking to book a performer; "Hiring entertainers is no different than buying any other product or service." If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is, go for the best that you can afford, in most cases it will be better. Generic is usually most affordable, but not as good.

Don't Be Cheap

If you go for cheap, then you are going to get a person that sounds good at the moment based on your budget, but will not be able to produce the quality of performance that you may be expecting. Professional magicians, like myself are not cheap.

The affordable magician

If your intention is to negotiate the higher priced entertainer down to a price within your budget, then you run the risk of missing out on the most high quality, and simply magical aspects of their show. Most "discounted" magic shows have the good stuff removed because you didn't pay for that. You get the guy, but not the stuff

Always remember

In any market, there can and will only be one lowest priced provider. Although not everyone competes for that position, some providers give you so much wow factor, something special, unique, or so much more than you expect, which can therefore, make price irrelevant when it comes to getting the best for your buck.

For many years I adjusted my price in order to "help out" dozens of event planners in attempt to be flexible and easy to work with, however, it was only to my detriment.

I spoke with dozens of great magicians in Orlando, New York, and Oregon, and we all had the same experience: "people just think you work for free."

So, today, I weed out the 80% of cheap event planners by keeping my price what it is, and going for the 20% that hire at my price, and they book consistently. In addition they send my info to higher quality clients, which leads to more business.

Wishing you the best with your important events, If I can be of assistance, please feel free to connect anytime.

-Antwan Towner



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