Tampa Magician Number One!

July 26, 2016

There are many magicians in Tampa that are for hire for events that need spectacular entertainment, but there is one that stands out from the bunch...


Antwan Towner has 20 experience bringing the fun to parties in the Tampa area, and has a keen sense of knowing exactly how to make the party planner look good in front of their guests.


Just like your morning coffee, there are certain items required for a good morning and an easy going day, Antwan Towner is the reliever of stress for event planners that are looking to make a good impression for their party goers.


Mind reading and comedy magic are always a plus when it comes to surprising people, and simply making sure that they are having a good time in an unfamiliar environment.


Antwan Towner creates effects that are customized to the event, and based on your needs as an event planner.


Making a ball vanish and finding your card is child's play. Telling you what you have thought in the past or reading your mind at the moment are different things.


On stage, your crowd might participate, if they dare, Antwan will reveal birthdays, social security numbers, and inner most thoughts, just as a pickpocket can remove a watch from your wrist, in front of an astonished audience.


Stop speculating on how to throw an amazing party, and plan one here, right now.


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