Is Mind Reading Real?

"What am I thinking right now?" Is a question I often get when people find out that I am a mind reader magician for a living. Unfortunately my show does not work like that.


The real question they are curious about is "Is mind reading real?" To which I would normally reply, in short, "I don't believe so."


Although my performances are quite convincing, and leave very little room for my audiences to think any differently, the truth is in fact, within the right parameters, just about anything could seem psychic.


At the close of my show, I always like to remind my audiences of this:


 "There are people in this world called scientists, which show you amazing things, and then they explain them to you; there are these other folks in the world, such as myself, who are considered magicians, who will also show you amazing things, but we won't explain them to you. There are these other people in this world called psychics, and I believe that what they do is show you amazing things also, but they lead you down a path to make you think that what they are doing is something different than that which I have just done, and I don't believe that anything you just saw was psychic whatsoever, these are magic tricks and I hope that you have enjoyed them."


I understand that many people are not going to like me for pointing this out, but I am ok with that. No one likes to have their beliefs challenged, and that is not my goal; however the truth is just what it is.


Harry Houdini became very famous for debunking the myths and mysticism of so called psychics, and since that is the first magician I read about as a child, I'd like to try my best to adhere to some of his values as a performer.


Wishing you the best in your magical journey through this life, and wishing that you find the truth in all that you choose to believe. With love, hoping that you enjoy the show! Take care my friends.


- Antwan Towner 

Tampa and Orlando Florida Magician and mind reader

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