When you are looking to hire a magician in Orlando Florida, you don’t want to make this fatal mistake…

 There are so many first time event planners here in Florida, that sincerely wish to create awesome events, they want a surefire guarantee that the guests will enjoy themselves and talk about the party for weeks to come. If this is you, then this short article is just for you!


 The main mistake that less experienced event planners do, especially when looking to hire a magician or other variety performer, is that they will go to sites that provide several entertainers, and they shop there for the lowest price, cheap performers.


 This is a big "no no" because there are no quality guidelines in order to be a provider listed there. All a crappy performer has to do is subscribe to the site, and sometimes pay a small fee, then boom, they show up on your browser when you might be searching for a real professional. 


 It is so easy to be a provider on any of those hub sites, even young entertainers that have zero experience can parade themselves across your dashboard as if they can help you create an impactful event.


 The truth is, you want to only go to those sites as a last resort, and here’s why…


Any quality, professional magician or variety performer does not need to be on those sites in order to get bookings.

On their site, there should be found a decent resume, or client list, as well as several testimonials ready and available on their own website, and it will only take you a few seconds to scroll down and see who is the best in your city. There will only be a few in your immediate area, but you may find more in neighboring cities.


Any quality magician should be able to easily provide on their site plenty of videos, reviews and other evidence that they actually entertain for a living, and many people like their show.


Some magicians are notorious for holding the title of “magician”, but in reality they are used car salesmen who subscribe to a page on gigsuckers.com 


Your event can be made better this year than any event you have ever had, and I’d love to help you with that. This is what I do for a living. Let’s create a show specific for your partygoers.

See my site for details on booking. www.antwantowner.com



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