The Future Is Magic...

 The future can be bleak, the future can be hopeful, that decision is strictly up to you!

Lately I have encountered many people who have a terrible outlook on the future, and I agree, things can seem horrible at times, however, it is also true that the future can be whatever you make it, and I choose to make it beautiful.


A great outlook in life is one of the most sexy ways of being that exist. Many people complain, and I use to be just like them. I went through years of depression and anxiety as I tried to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.


1. First thing is first, in order to have a more magical life, it is important to take care of your own self first. Anyone external comes secondary when it comes to mental health, spiritual health and well being. Once you have self mastery in these areas of emotional intelligence, then you are able to sustain a happier life.


2. Watch who you are surrounded by, and who you choose to surround yourself with. In all reality, there are basically two types of people that exist, Those people that are toxic and those people that are abundantly nourishing.

You know these people by their sustained happiness, smiles or lack thereof. Be the happy person by your own choice, it is up to you. Toxicity is very unattractive. 


3. Nourish yourself. There are great benefits you can enjoy when you have the proper nourishment. For a more magical life, it is so important to cleanse your body of toxins, get good cardiovascular exercise, and flush out your gut with fresh raw organic vegetables and fruits. I am not a vegetarian or anything of the sort, but I know the difference in the way I feel when I get my jog in everyday, and when I don't. I know the difference when my body takes too long to process foods and when it doesn't. Also, taking good quality multivitamin, dandelion tea, detox teas, chamomile and lavender teas really help with all around feeling of well being. These teas assist in cleansing as well as a more restful nights sleep, which in turn helps you just feel good throughout the day.


This is Antwan Towner, Florida Magician and Mind Reader wishing you a more happy and successful life as always. If I can make it from Oregon to Florida with less than $1000. in my pocket, and begin my dream lifestyle within a year, then I know you can do the same. Live a life of success, not excuses. Peace and love to you.


-Antwan Towner


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