Magic Switch - Dealing with Anxiety & Depression

January 15, 2019

Magic Switch

Dealing With Anxiety & Depression 

By Antwan Towner

©2019 Antwan Towner


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   For many years I have suffered from terrible bouts with depression and anxiety. As I spoke more to others about how I was feeling, I quickly recognized that I was not the only person on Earth dealing with this.


Today, I have learned much on the subject. Today, without drugs I feel better than I have in a long time. Today, I recognize a new day and a new me. How did I come to this? How did I quit and avoid the medications doctors prescribed? I will attempt to share my experience quickly below.


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On my quest to peace, comfort, anti anxiety and anti depressed life, I found that a few simple actions are required, and I believe just about anyone can lead their life in this direction, if they so choose.


I hope that these solutions help people, in addition to their own research and self development.



I found that ingesting and using herbs, teas and essential oils could help reduce anxiety as well as open the mind and prepare it for a more positive focus. Do your own research and you will find some interesting things.


Lavender and Chamomile Teas Dr. Axe - Essential Oils For Sleep


Diffusing essential oils 


Sage smudging / burning


Ashwaganda ingestion Dr. Axe - Ashwagandha: The Complete Herbal Guide


Drinking more water


Taking vitamins regularly


In addition to this, the use of sublingual full spectrum CBD oil was life changing. 

It felt as if my brain was safely lubricated and operating at a clear and optimistic level. Like literally a well oiled machine. 

I found that for me, 500mg to 1000mg was a proper dose once or twice a day, but varies by the individual, and each should do their own testing if they are truly interested in healing. for more information


Incorporating Yoga and walking daily has helped shake up the body, move the lymph nodes, get blood flowing and the body fully oxygenated, which in turn just simply feels good, I believe because the mind, body, and soul are one, and exercise helps to put that into perspective.

Instagram: yoga_noodle, Samantha Vargas #flowwithsam 


In addition to these things, cleansing the gut has been instrumental and important. Many medications deal with serotonin, which many people believe is produced in the brain, when in actuality, the bulk of it, up to 90% of it is produced in the digestive system. - Dr. Axe - How to cleanse your colon


Serotonin works directly with melatonin, which triggers our sleep mechanisms to begin. Clean out the gut, feel happier and sleep better. I use various teas and the ingestion of fiber and aloe for this, and it seems to work pretty well. I can fall asleep quickly and I sleep more deeply. - Dr. Berg - What is dopamine?


Magnesium Sulfate or epsom salts. I use these in a nice hot bath, which smells fantastic, relaxes the muscles, absorbs into the body, and simply feels good. I believe taking a moment of relaxation, 5 minutes, 20 minutes or and hour a day is the best time expense we can afford. It is important to spend time on yourself daily. Research shows that epsom salts help immensely with his. - The Miracle Healing Power of Magnesium Sulfate


There are a few more things I have done, some weird and some more difficult than others, but the quest is never over until peace is attained within… which brings me to my final point.


Earlier I wrote that the body, mind, and spirit are one, however most of us don’t really understand or believe what that really suggests.

Many of us may even believe that the spirit is something we have or that it even does not exist or that the mind is only the brain itself. I have come to understand that this is not exactly true. - Elliot Hulse - GMLesson 1: True Integration of Mind and Body - Ralph Smart - How to Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind to Attract Everything


People that I have spoken with that think that way and are more rigid, inflexible in their thinking seem to be the most fearful, anxiety ridden, depressed, upset, angry and so on. In my experience. Being mentally flexible is a key to awareness.


A few things I’ve come to realize. in my experience:

    • The mind is not the brain, the mind is consciousness itself.

    • The spirit is not something that you have. You are the spirit, you have a body.

    • The body is an extension of your mind

    • Consciousness is the opposite of non physical pain (mental/spiritual)


- - -


The Magic Switch

Going into the nonphysical world 


Without going to deep or jumping down a rabbit hole, I want to share an idea from a non-religious point of view. This is not about religion or belief systems regarding rigid church beliefs.

I was a christian at one time, I am not anymore, nor do I participate in church or religion.


This is just an idea.


I explored the question “What is God?”, meaning what are God’s characteristics, along with the study of the question “What is hell?” That is it.


As I started writing my own answers, the lists started looking like this:




infinite pain

infinite discomfort

infinite upset

infinite confusion

infinite fear, limitation, powerlessness, weakness, disconnected… and so on.


God or God-likeness characteristics:


Unlimited imagination

Unlimited abundance

Unlimited possibility

Unlimited playfulness

Unlimited strength, ability, access, communication, information, power, love, happiness, potential connectedness, residing outside of time itself, and so on.


The next question I asked was “which is better? Which do I prefer?”


I wanted connectedness to God-likeness. Why? Because I quickly realized that fear, anxiety, and depression cannot live there with that type of connection.


Like a light switch, from off to on, night to day, a magical switch, it felt as if the intent and desire in itself created spontaneously a lifting of heavy weight within me.


I began to smile and laugh, and have a real desire to share what I had learned.


With a spiritual and mental pipeline to unlimited flow of positive energy, it is difficult to be limited to anxiety and depression, in my experience.


My non-physical, spiritual, mental intent and desire to be connected to abundance and positivity instead of scarcity and fear, lifted my spirit, opened my mind, and energized my body.


Without a drug or any religion I immediately felt a connectedness to the universe and that which exists outside of the universe. I felt a pipeline to what I myself had defined as God or God-likeness.


As I shared this discovery within my spirit, mind and body, people around me either looked at me like I was crazy, named it their religious version of their own God, or dismissed it as drunk talk. 

I was happy either way. They could perceive it any way that they chose, and I was happy.


Remember: “Milk for babies, meat for strong men.” You cannot feed babies meat or strong men milk alone.

- The Kybalion


The point is this, being upset, limited, sad, depressed, anxiety ridden are all characteristics of living in hell, in my view. Being connected to what I think is the source of positive energy, I mean really connected, internalized, that is a major key to healing.


Remember that to be inspired is to “be in spirit”. We must be connected to our higher non-physical consciousness in order to rid ourselves of anxiety and depression.


Wishing you healing my friend and true connectedness to your own mind, body, spirit and God-likeness. The power is within you, not outside of you.

Have the knowledge and understanding, willingness to connect and the intent to overcome.


You are an unlimited being and you can overcome anything. The source is within you.


- Antwan Towner




Other references:


Deepak Chopra - Creating Affluence

Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now

Abraham - Esther and Jerry Hicks

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne

Dr. Wayne Dyer - How To Create Your Life The Way You Want It










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