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Hiring A Magician And Google

Unfortunately for most clients and customers looking for a magician on Google, it is not as easy of a task as it should be.

Google believes that magic services for a local area are sold the same as a local plumber, however, it is just not true. If you need someone to come and fix your toilet, you want the local guy to come help you at a fair price right?

Magician in Orlando Antwan Towner

Well, the algorithms set up to help people on their quest for a great performer for their event is so much different. Way different in fact.

For instance, when your pipes are clogged, you don't require the greatest plumber from NY to fly down and unclog them in Florida, right? You just need the local guy, to show up at a fair price.

In the magic business, we often do get flown from florida to Canada, or to Alaska to bring the best entertainment for the occasion.

Communicating this to Google is a difficult task that often leads to performers never even showing up on the search engine at all, which leads to massive marketing and advertising offline, because it simply is more effective than the search engine.

I make my living as a magician in Orlando Florida, I blog, vlog, vine, twitter, youtube, Facebook, instagram, seo and much more, but Google doesn't see me as a real magician performing in Florida, unless I constantly keep up with their rules, then I get penalized or I have to pay them for advertising.

I continue to push out helpful content, and stay connected with my clients, however, in my field, the dollars go to offline marketing.

I say that because many people have forgotten about the effectiveness of marketing your business offline. I love spending time networking, building connections and relationships, handing out cards, sending gifts, doing creative mailers, postcards and letters. It' is actually cheaper too, because of it's effectiveness when it comes to getting a direct result.

If you are in business for yourself, remember that offline marketing can really help your business grow, and there are real significant results that you can see and benefit from.

Keep pushing out great content, but the real results come from not being tricked or distracted by what's popular today. Good luck to you!



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