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How to do magic levitation

If you want to learn how to do magic levitation with dollar bills, napkins and cards, then this magic trick instruction video is for you.

Available now at:

Antwan Towner has performed this crazy magic trick for over 20 years. It's called Haunted Deck Plus 2.0, with is an upgraded, easy way to perform the old card trick "the haunted deck".

The old version involved a gimmick that was difficult and impractical to setup and perform. This new version can use a borrowed deck, and the setup is quick and easy and practical.

IT can be performed by any seasoned magician, or any beginner wanting to learn how to do strong magic effects.

IT does not use any magnets or electronics, and comes with the bonus effect, "the floating dollar bill" along with instructions on how to do the spinning card trick. A great deal, and easy instruction.

Get yours today!

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