Performing At The State Fair

This clip is from one of over 30 performances done at the Alaska state fair the previous time I was there. What a great time, probably the best time I have had as a traveling magician.

Take a look at this little clip from the live magic show, we had a ball!

People have asked me who is the best magician? Well, it is such an interesting question, however, I do not personally think that there is a proper answer to that, only because all magicians are so unique.

Another reason "the best magician" is sort of an illusion is that "the best" is usually decided by the eye of the beholder.

Being an artist is a gift enough for me. I really appreciate the opportunity to make people smile.

I will leave you with his bit of poetry, to sort of give you some perspective on my point of view as an entertainer.

"Magic is net,

made of wonder

used to catch attention.

Showmanship is a carpenter

that constructs a foundation

of understanding and belief.

Presentation is a polish

that can make dull minds

into scintillating diamonds.

With precise focus,

even thoughts can be seen,

just like magic;

anything is possible."

- Antwan Towner

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