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7 Keys Of Success For Entrepreneurs

Here are 7 keys to success for young business people and entrepreneurs that want to live a better life as an independent individual.

As a magician and mind reader here in Orlando Florida, I am actually, in all reality an independent businessman or entrepreneur.

My journey has brought me from Portland Oregon to Florida, then to The Islands, New York, Toronto, Ohio to Alaska and back to Orlando.

Along the way, I was not always encouraged to go for my dreams and goals, and the road has not always been easy, but boy, is it worth it!

I wanted to make this video as a gift to my viewers, fans and friends, to remind you that you can become anything that you wish. You can have, do and be whatever it is that you choose.

Our univers is abundant. The examples we see time and time again are that our universe is full and abundant, not the opposite.

We are taught to be fearful of our dreams. We are guided to work for other people, to make them rich while we stay spiritually and mentally poor, as well as financially.

I intend to break that fear, and to encourage as many people I can, to inspire as many of you out there that I can. To motivate you and to share love and guidance from my perspective and from my journey.

Wishing you well forever.

-Antwan Towner

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