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The Number 1 Best Magicians In Orlando Have These...

It is simple, the number 1 magicians in Orlando Florida have these 5 traits down, guaranteed.

1. Independent Online Presence

Many hobbyist magicians to part time performers have no online presence across many platforms. Be sure to look for this after your initial search.

Professional entertainers are easy to find through basic google search, youtube, facebook, yelp and various other platforms.

The best magicians in Orlando need not rely solely on utilizing companies like gigmasters, gigsalad and thumbtack because their websites are actually presenting them in a way that gets them booked.

2. Testimonials and Rave Reviews

If you type in "testimonials" or "reviews" next to the name of any performer that you plan to hire for your event, then chances are good that you should find plenty of information in order to make a decision.

If not, inquire directly if your'e still sold on having them.

3. Customized Presentations

The pros know how to accommodate you for your special event. Each show is a little different by nature, but the best of the best already know that in order to please the client, then the presentation must be on point with what they have in mind to begin with.

A corporate event client has something specific in mind, where a wedding planner might just require atmosphere entertainers.

When I do trade shows, the presentation is so custom tailored to my clients needs that they can't help but win, simply because of specificity.

4. On Time

The best magicians in Orlando always show up on time! This is so important for obvious reasons, but the main thing is to keep the booking client at ease vs. on edge.

It takes a lot to plan a special event, so, the last thing anyone needs are people that are not punctual.

5. Calibrated Blending

Some performers don't know when to quit. Some entertainers are always on. Some magicians are just plain, flat out corny.

The best professional magicians always have a smooth, fluid way of calibrating their comedy and blending into any situation in order to surprise and entertain with the most unique magic effects, ideas, jokes and gags.

Many of these points can be discovered through a combination of what the performers testimonials say, how their website appears, and how the interactions go on the phone or email.

Also, keep in mind that the best working entertainers have fairly busy schedules and often travel, and because they are constantly being booked, they might not negotiate on price. This is normal.

Lower scale performers need the work and will often perform at a discount, however, it is insulting from an artist's point of view to perform at a discount rate, so, the show is guaranteed to not be as good as if you pay the fee.

I hope that this list was helpful to you, and if you are searching for a professional performer in the Orlando Florida area, or need a traveling entertainer, then please feel free to contact Antwan Towner direct: 917-435-6870


Antwan Towner is a 20 year professional comedy magician and mind reader, contracted with Disney since 2007, and is a stage presenter for corporate events,fairs and expos in Florida, Ohio, Toronto, and Alaska. Antwan has performed on all of Disney cruise lines, and is trusted to perform for some of the most prestigious events in the world.

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