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Among Orlando Magicians, This One Stands Alone

Among the many performers and entertainers, including mind readers and various Orlando magicians, this artist stands alone.

Often times, event planners are really wanting to create something special for the guests of the party to enjoy. This planning goes beyond finding the right venue, the right caterer, DJ and such, but really going one step beyond and setting aside a budget just for the interactive entertainment.

Antwan Towner, for over 20 years has helped event planners look good on the event floor, in front of their clients and guests, as well as traversed the world to bring top quality magic and mind reading shows to state fairs and corporate event clients.

What makes Antwan unique and very different than other Orlando magicians, is that he focuses in on the end result for the client, presenting a customized show, and delivering clean comedy, surprising magic and mind blowing psychic effects.

Instead of just simply focusing on the presentation of the magic show, Antwan Towner's performance on stage is literally so captivating that people believe that they have either been hypnotized at the show, or his powers are real.

Keep in mind, the performances are designed to entice the mind as well as create smiles, laughter and joy, a powerful cocktail of emotions that is always a sure shot at creating memorable events, guaranteed to get people talking and sharing on social media, and to remember the best event that they have ever attended.

This is no easy feat, but it is always worth it.

For more information on Booking Antwan Towner, see:

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