A Story About Sam

Actually, this is a story about a man named Bill.

As a kid, I was fascinated with magicians I saw on television. I would record the best ones on my high tech VHS tapes.

One day, a magic special was on, and I was lucky enough to catch a magician named Bill Malone performing an unforgettable routine called Sam The Bellhop.

I had never seen such dexterity and precision card handling and it more than inspired me... I was obsessed.

No one had ever seen such a thing before, and not many people had a readily available method for how the story trick was done exactly, so, I had to rewind and watch that VHS tape so many times that it broke.

A few years later, Bill Malone made the effect available to magicians to learn. I had been practicing the moves over and over just to be able to present the effect half as well.

I never perfected the trick, but, it's like many things in life, not everything is about perfection, as long as you try and put love into it.

I hope you enjoy a little magic in your life today, and I hope that you try something new and exciting that takes you to the next level! Enjoy, Sam The Bellhop.

-Antwan Towner

Magician & Mind Reader

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